Springtime Mandala doily

The lavender doily is very easy and quick to work up, and you can make spectacular combinations depending on the colours you use. The pattern is Springtime Magic Mandala by Camilla N. Skjoenhaug and it’s worked on a 3 mm. hook. (More photos over at Flickr)

The second one is my first attempt at making a “classic” design doily. It’s worked on Anchor Pellicano nº 5 with a 2 mm. hook. The pattern is Angel’s Garden Doily by Chinami Horiba. The pattern is a bit complicated but you may find some help on Ravelry (here and here). (More photos over at Flickr)

Those are the sizes compared also with the one I finished last week. They are 37, 32 and 24 cm.


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