Humpty Dumpty


-‘Why do you sit out here all alone?’ said Alice, not wishing to begin an argument.

-‘Why, because there’s nobody with me!’ cried Humpty Dumpty. ‘Did you think I didn’t know the answer to that? Ask another.’

-‘Don’t you think you’d be safer down on the ground?’ Alice went on, not with any idea of making another riddle, but simply in her good-natured anxiety for the queer creature. ‘That wall is so very narrow!’

-‘What tremendously easy riddles you ask!’ Humpty Dumpty growled out. ‘Of course I don’t think so! Why, if ever I did fall off—which there’s no chance of—but if I did—’ Here he pursed his lips and looked so solemn and grand that Alice could hardly help laughing. ‘If I did fall,’ he went on, ‘The King has promised me—with his very own mouth—to—to—’

-‘To send all his horses and all his men,’ Alice interrupted, rather unwisely.


And you know how the story goes: all the king’s horses and all the king’s men couldn’t put Humpty together again.


This one is based on a fabulous idea and free pattern, Humpty Dumpty Puzzle Doll by Book People Studio. (There is also a pattern for Alice In Wonderland that I used a couple years ago).

My version is made on two halves of a polystyrene egg shape. Height 12 cm., width 8 cm., acrylic yarn and a 3 mm. hook.


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