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Bow Brooch

Here it is, one of my birthday presents: a very cool DIY crochet bow brooch set!

It’s a Molly Makes set designed by Lucille Randall, and it includes cotton yarn thread, hook, brooch pin and instructions. An easy, quick and fun project to make.

Peter and I are still fighting about who gets to wear it first.

Popcorn Stitch Flower

Encontré este patrón (Popcorn Stitch Flower de B.Hooked Crochet) hace un par de días y me pareció muy bonito, así que me decidí a probarlo rápidamente. Es muy fácil de aprender, y muy versátil ya que se pueden variar los colores y el número de pétalos y vueltas, y utilizarlo de muchas maneras. Hice este par de broches que me servirán de improvisados detalles para el Día de la Madre.
¡Gracias a Brittany por compartirlo!

"You could make this for me."

Flower brooches
Originally uploaded by MagneticMary

I’m sure you’ve heard it a million times. Everybody wants you to make something for them, which is pretty cute, if you think about it. But you also think, yeah, I could make a million things if only I had the time. I know I do. That’s why I don’t take orders, but every now and then the special people in your life get to you, and you cave in.

I was asked for “colourful flower brooches” and so I tried these two patterns, from CrochetVille (my favourite) and MyLittleCityGirl. Let’s see how they like these!