Nathan Vincent

 “Crochet allows me to make something out of nothing in a fairly simple way- one stitch at a time. I like the process of turning a material into an object you’d never imagine.” – Nathan Vincent

Lets Play War, by Nathan Vincent @ Bellevue Arts Museum

Here’s an interesting 2016 interview with crochet artist Nathan Vincent: The mystery of creation.


The Pussyhat Project


The Pussyhat Project was born as a symbol of the fight for women rights in the USA at the time of Donald Trump’s inauguration as president. January 21, 2017 was his first day at the seat, and about 500.000 people gathered in Washington DC for the now historic Women’s March. Many of them wore this so-called pussyhat, a pink garment either crocheted or knitted. It made the cover of magazines like Time and The New Yorker, setting our craft on the front line of viral movements.

I missed it all at the time, but now I’m joining this Yarnbomber Stephen Duneier project. You can send your contribution before May 1. All the details are on his website.

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